NaturemiRI will change the way you think about microRNA inhibition strategies, both in the laboratory and the clinic.

NaturemiRI’s patent-pending Plasmid-based MicroRNA Inhibitor System (PMIS) has been shown to be effective in both in vivo and in vitro models, and surmounts many of the obstacles researchers have faced with traditional MicroRNA inhibition approaches.

The PMIS is the ONLY microRNA inhibitor that can be used to generate Transgenic Mice to understand the functions of microRNAs during development and as disease models. These animal models prove the Specificity, Efficacy and Non-Toxic effects of the PMIS in vivo. We have generated mouse models and stable PMIS expressing cell lines that allow for the discovery of new microRNA targets, processes, and pathways. PMIS libraries can be used to screen for drug interactions and disease causing molecular effects. We are currently testing the PMIS as a therapeutic biologic molecule in preclinical and human clinical trials for cancer, tissue/bone regeneration and arthritis. 

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MicroRNAs: An Introduction

MicroRNAs are small, non-coding molecules which function by silencing or degrading messenger RNA (mRNA). This is achieved via complementary base-pairing between an miRNA-protein complex and a specific seed sequence on an mRNA strand. mRNA is blocked from accessing the transcriptional machinery of the cell, or degraded completely. It is through this mechanism that miRNAs have been found to play important roles in development and the etiology of many common diseases, and it is why many researchers are increasingly looking toward this relatively new class of biological molecules for further insight into their chosen area of study.

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